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Current group exhibition

Qualysoft summer festival

opening - 22.06.2017

Trust in Enthusiam 

Qualysoft, Wolke 21, Saturntower, Vienna

opening - 18.06.2017

TIERISCH GUT - Bilder von Mensch und Tier

KunstForumEifel, Schleiden-Gemünd, Eifel, Germany



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Cafe Club International C.I. -
Vienna of the paintings exhibited

Fruit Juices

Kunstverein Friedrichstadt, Berlin
Kunstverein Friedrichstadt, Friedrich Str., Berlin
Exhibition "Fruchtsäfte" 12. 04. 2003 - 23. 05. 2003

Exhibition “ Fruit Juices”

- sensual juices – fruitful sensuality – male and female processes in the  microcosm of the human body – a new cosmos


“In her large paintings Christiane Saenger observes the creation and growth of life. Her preoccupation with this theme leads into the inner world of the human body, to discover the fascinating and rich realm of male and female biology. With playful imagery she directs our focus to the human cell, mainly the ovum, and the structures and forms inside of the womb.”

Listen Little Man

Three videos - Listen Little Man - video performance
Performance - Listen Little Man - (after Wilhelm Reich) with actor Mischinsky

2000 - 2003

Brechthaus, Berlin
Roter Salon Volksbühne, Berlin
Haus der Kirche, Berlin
and other places...

Gallery Parsons

Gallery Parsons, Paris

WB Art Society

WB Art Society, Washington D.C.