Christiane Saenger / Biography

Christiane Saenger

1999 - 2000

CIMdata, Berlin
Desktop-Publishing Certificate DTP-Operator

1988 - 1993

Parsons School of Design, Paris
Bachelor of  Fine Arts

1986 - 1987

Chelsea School of Art, London
Graphic Design

1985 - 1986

Middlesex Polytechnic, London
Certificate in Foundation Art and Design

June 1985

Langley High School Va., USA
High School Diploma

1982 - 1985 Soo Young Lim School of Fashion Designing, Va. USA
Certificate in Fashion Design

Born 5th of August 1966 in Paris, France of German parents

67 - 1970 - Brussels, Belgium

1970 - move to Washington D.C.  USA

1976 - 1981 - Nairobi, Kenya

It all began in Nairobi when I was ten years old. I set my violin aside and began to paint.

My strong interest in nature was shaped during these five years in Kenya.

1979 planting trees with the Green Belt Movement founded by the Nobel Prize winner Dr. Wangari Maathai.

My mother had a passion for photography and years later I was to follow in her footsteps.

1981 - 1985 - back in the USA, Washington D.C.

May 1985 - High School Diploma - Langley High School, Va. USA

What direction was I going to take?

My dream was to become a photographer for National Geographic, but Fashion and Graphic Design and the Fine Arts were also of great interest to me …or was I going to study Psychology and Sociology … should I stay in the US or go to Europe?

1985 - 1987 - Graphic Design studies in London

1985 - 1989 - my parents moved to Niamey, Niger, Africa

1988 - 1993 - Fine Art studies at Parsons School of Design,

Paris, France

1985 - 1989 - Trips to the Sahara, Mali and Burkina Faso.

Our excursions to the Sahara were an

overwhelming experience for me,

an everlasting imprint on my creative process!

Summer 1987- an extensive trip to Chile, Peru and Venezuela

From Christmas 1987/88 to summer 1988  - lived with my parents in Niamey, Niger

developed interest in African fabrics and fashion

Summer 1990 - trip to Zambia, Zimbabwe and

South Africa (Cape Province)

1989 - parents moved back to the US


May 1993 - Diploma - Bachelor of Fine Arts, Parsons School of Design

What now? Should I stay in Paris, France or give Berlin, Germany a try?


Sep. 1993 - move to Berlin

1995 – 1996 - took courses in Psychology, emphasis on Wilhelm Reich

1999 – 2000 - one year course in Computer Graphics, DTP

2000 – 2002 - worked as freelance Graphic Designer

2000 - 2003 - video performances for the

one man act “Listen Little Man” with actor Mischinsky

  November 2007 - move to Vienna, Austria

2010 - 2011     studio community, Vienna
                      KunstQuartier, Wien 

2013 - future     studio community, Vienna
                       KunstQuartier, Wien